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Solar spots more likely, some EMF interference
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Get the Caprican to go.
Why was there a military roadblock in the first place when a Graystone Industries truck collided with it?

Am I the only person who wants to know the answer to that question?  Or even thought to ask it?  

Yeah, a Graystone Industries truck blew up to hell and gone recently when it collided with a military roadblock.  I'm sure it was a hell of a thing, straight out of a TV show - a runaway truck goes full speed into glorious destruction, exploding into a thousand frakkin' fireballs when it collided with a bunch of tanks.   More...
I apparently spoke too soon - Tomas Vergis does indeed have a plan for Graystone Industries. 

Just last week I reported that Mr. Vergis had all but disappeared from the public eye since his (some would say all too easy) takeover of Graystone Industries.  There he sat in the best office on the Graystone Industries campus with seemingly nothing to say for himself. 

Now, the silence has been broken.  Tomas Vergis greeted the press recently, looking like a million bucks and smiling with pride.  More...
The recent car explosion near the Pantheon Bridge has rumors flying - and new conspiracy theories brewing.  

We know that the owner of the car was Sister Clarice Willow, a teacher at Athena Academy.  Ms. Willow had exited the car before the explosion, and after a quick checkup at a nearby hospital, she was released seemingly in perfect health and without question.  

Graystone Industries
Caprica's Boy Wonder seems to have returned to the public eye, though that probably wasn't his intention.  

Hot on the heels of our own Ralston Sinclair's speculation last week as to the whereabouts of the suddenly reclusive Daniel Graystone is a public appearance by Graystone himself.  But the (former) CEO of Graystone Industries was not attending a film premiere or watching the C-Bucs take on their latest opponents at the Stadium.  Nothing so glamorous.   More...
In a twist of fate that would seem more at home in science fiction than in reality, Tomas Vergis has seized control of Graystone Industries.  One man has overtaken another, bringing the long rivalry between Caprica's two greatest industrialists to an apparent end.  For now, anyway.  

Yes, Tomas Vergis now sits in the best office on the Graystone campus.  But what exactly is he doing in there?