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Made in Eureka: Cookbot
The "What to Wear?" Mirror
Made in Eureka: The Baby Silencer

Science & Belief: Funsuckers Have Worldviews, Too (Plus: goodbye from Idea Lab)

Passionate adherence to scientific method constitutes a belief system, an idea that makes funsuckers go berserk. If the universe doesn't follow the rules, then what? PLUS: Idea Lab turns off the Bunsen burners and finally gets around to cleaning that weird explosion residue off the floor. We, and Eureka, are outta here. MORE

Buck Rogers on Film

Video sniblets from an old-school, swashbuckling space icon. MORE

Before Facebook or Twitter, there was the WELL. Now it's in danger.

As we prepare for the final episode of everybody's favorite nerd town, Eureka, let's look at another geeky small town in danger of shutting down: the WELL. MORE

Xultun Calendar Priests & Lunar Gods Painted in a new Mayan Discovery

An archaeological discovery gives a glimpse into the process behind the famed Mayan astronomy-calendar-spiritual system. MORE

Sunspot 1520 Gives Up the Luv

What NASA is really all about: The Pretty. MORE

Are Science-Literate Smartypantses Selfish and Denialist?

The more science & numeracy literate you are, the more likely you are to uphold your social group's beliefs, regardless of the facts. MORE

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